Commercial Invoice Template

If you happen to run a business, there may very well come a time, when you’re forced to ship items across international borders. Selling to foreign clients can be very profitable and will greatly expand your company’s grasp and clientele base. Unfortunately, shipping to other countries can be a little more complex than shipping nationally. The commercial invoice can help solve problems and ensure your item passes through customs, without any difficulties. The commercial invoice template is commonly used within foreign trade scenarios and serves as a customs declaration.

commercial invoice templateWhat It Entails

When taking the time to scour over the commercial invoice template, you’ll find that it contains a substantial amount of information regarding your shipment. Generally, it’ll include the sender’s address, recipient’s physical address, invoice date, and tracking number. Although nothing is set in stone, it is possible to add additional information, until you’re satisfied with the final document. Some businesses will also include the item’s country of origin, quantity, unit weight and value, and even total net weight. Also, if you intend to insure the shipped items, you will also want to include the declare value and insurance charge on the invoice. This information will prove to be very beneficial for customs officers, as well as the recipient.

Remember that a few details, such as Harmonized System codes, signature, parties involved, and country of manufacture, are all required.

Enormous Uses

Since the commercial invoice template is utilized by custom agents to inspect and approve parcels, it can truly be used for an enormous number of reasons. Although it is more commonly used by commercial entities, hence the name, the document can also be used for personal business ventures. For instance, if you happen to sell something online and intend to ship it to a foreign country, you will most likely need to include a commercial invoice. In fact, sending any type of package to Europe or any other foreign country will require the presence of this document.

If you work with a manufacturing company and sell your goods across the world, you will find yourself dealing with this document on a daily basis. Learning to work closely with this document and custom’s requirements for each country is pertinent, if you’re going to succeed in such a business.

Get Yours Now

Those that need to ship internationally will want to go ahead and download the template right now. Be sure to print it off several times, so you can easily recover from mistakes!